Mar 21, 2016

February Favorites

Okay okay I'm late on the February Favorites game, I'm well aware it's mid March. But seriously, how did that even happen?! I have some seriously good products that I tried out and loved this month! Check them out!

^To view a list of the products mentioned and their direct links clink on (this link) and go to the "show more" tab)


  1. I don't care how "late" this video is! I always enjoy watching these types of videos!! :)

  2. I feel the same way about setting spray as you used to so now I'm going to have to try that...I always end up with a melted face at the end of the day. Not cute. It would be nice to not worry about that! And that top coat has been my favorite for so long! It's so amaaaaaazing. I had a bunch of strangers comment on my nails this weekend and it's because of that top coat. They look so good!
    Good finds lady!

    Welcome to the Northwest! It really is a gorgeous wonderland. The transition can be tough but you fall in love quick with living here. I live in Portland and Seattle is where we go to get away without feeling like we're far from home. Thrift shopping gold is basically everywhere up here. I can't wait to see what you find!

    So happy you're back!

  3. I love your videos! They're so funny and real.