Mar 13, 2016

What's Up Pussycat

When I disappear on the interwebs you can usually count on the fact that something crazy has come up in life and I just can't seem to be able to function enough to remember to live life....and post about it at the same time.

And life has thrown me a doozy as of late.

Back in January Matt got a really awesome job offer in Seattle (and did you know we were living in Utah for the past 6 years, well yes we were) and right away we felt like it was the right thing to do. So with just a couple of weeks to get all of our six years of Utah (which turns out looks like some SERIOUS nesting done by yours truly) packed up and in Seattle, we accepted the offer and started packing.

When we made the decision it felt right, but it felt hard. Like really really hard.

Almost all of my siblings lived just a few minutes away, we spent really almost every day in and out of each others lives, and not only that but these awesome aunts were not only mine but Joc's best friends. To say that leaving them was hard is the biggest understatement ever. There was also the weight of buying a home in a seriously crazy and expensive market and having to create a new life without knowing many people and feeling sick to death and barely able to function (this too shall all be explained)

But we did it anyway. For some reason Utah never felt permanent. And that's really the only way that I can describe that we knew we had to move. We've thought about buying a house in Utah for years but something just never clicked. 

So yes. We packed up, said our tearful goodbyes and moved to Seattle. 

And it rocked my world you guys.

I cried every day, I mean I ceased to be Sarah, I was kind of just this shell trying to keep Jocelyn alive. Which makes no sense because we had finally made the move and done what we had always wanted to but I really didn't realize just how much of a comfy cushy nest this mama bird had made. 

All this to say I just needed some time to myself to be sad, and not feel like I had to pretend that I was happy. Because really I was just trying to get by. So thank you for being understanding. You are DA BOMB. 

I'm feeling a heckuva lot better (I still cry when I talk to my sisters ha ha) but I feel like I'm ready to be Sarah again if that makes sense.

Sooooooo all the while ummmm....I've been pregnant with baby McCammon #2. 

Whaaa??? I KNOW!!!

And can I just say that while this post has been a little wah wah, we are SO EXCITED!!

The second that I had Jocelyn I knew that there was another babe ready for our family. Which let me say was maybe not the best timing to push a baby out of my body and then be like, waittttaminute I need to do that again?

So we've been excitedly preparing and this little babe has decided to join us this August. We are terrified. Mostly because Jocelyn hit two and along with her typical never eating and sleeping...she is now a sassy as ever temper tantrum throwing toddler. So yes there is some serious fear going on when I see that fiery look in her eyes and realize that I will have two gremlins to wrangle come August. 

So that's what we are up to. We're so so happy to feel like we're progressing and doing the things that we've known for some while would happen but just didn't know when. But I tell you when it all happens at once it's a bit of a crap storm, but the prettiest smelling crap storm you could ever ask for. HA!

I'm excited to keep sharing with you all that life brings us. Thank you so much for nothing but kind and sweet words, I feel like now that the move is over, we've found a house and that the morning sickness is for the most part surviveable that I have made it out of one seriously dark pit of despair. 

So thanks for helping to pull me out. You all know who you are:)

Now let's party again!! (que like the Lego movie theme song or something)


  1. Congrats! Keep your head up lady. I lived in Seattle for 2 years and loved it and my brother lives there now. It is a great city to live in.


  2. Congrats on baby #2 and the move! There is so many awesome things to do in and around Seattle plus tons of thrifting!

  3. Congratulations! Can't wait for more updates about pregnancy and your new home :)

  4. Hey girl! I've never commented on your blog before , but I've had a blast following along for awhile! Congratulations on the pregnancy/ big move! We moved to the Seattle area this past October after 5 years in Utah, while I was two months pregnant, with a toddler, so I definitely know those crazy emotions that go with that. I know it can be a hard transition, and there can be backslide days, so if you ever need a fellow young Mormon mommy friend I would totally be down for a lunch date. :)

  5. Congratulations!! Moving away from family is hard, but it can also be the best thing to have to rely solely on each other! Best of luck!!

  6. Congrats on baby #2! And I hope the move get easier as you fall in love with your new home and city.