Apr 18, 2016

Pony Or Bust

blouse: Old Navy     jeans: Ann Taylor Loft   boots: Dolce Vita (here)

Can I just tell you how much of an ordeal it was to keep this shirt white all day (totally worth feeling like a bohemian goddess though). I feel like wonder woman. We went to a fair with greasy food and snow cones and ice cream and other than a shoe mark from giving her a ride on my shoulders I remained unscathed. Wonder woman status ladies. I hope you guys had an amazing weekend! Mine was full of a country fair to remind me that even though I should be over it I totally still want a pony, maybe I could be talked into settling for a pygmy goat....maybe. And a shopping trip babyless, which felt equivalent to the Bahamas. Hey, you've gotta take what you can get.


  1. GENDER REVEAL???? I love them. I can't wait to be in the loop. And keeping a blouse white all day definitely calls for a pony ride.

  2. Seriously loving that pony!!!! ;)