May 20, 2016

Baby Bumpdate| Week 26

How Far Along? 26 weeks Weight Gain? About 20 lbs Maternity Clothes?YES! They are my lifeblood. I can still wear lots of no maternity tops but the pants are a must Sleep? Sleep is starting to get uncomfortable, and I remember last time around this happening about the same time as well, so yesterday I invested in a Snoogle and it's already pretty much the best thing that's ever happened to me. Best moment this week?  Whenever people ask Jocelyn if mommy is having a baby she gets a big grin on her face and says, "Baby sister" and then points at herself and says "Big sister". I still have no idea if she really knows what that means but it is just about the sweetest thing ever to hear her say Weird pregnancy moment?  I ate maybe 10 Hot Cheetos and you would've thought I was about to die. There were lots of mooing type sounds and I am not proud of it.  Movement?This little babe knows how to party. Is it terrible that every time she's rolling around I think about what it would be like to have her there with me and Joc at that moment and then think....easier in than out for right now.  I know I know, but all of the juggling and feeling like you won't have enough of you to go around really scares me now that I sort of know what I'm getting into. Food Cravings:Give me all the sweets!!! Ugh I was doing so well and now I just want cookies for breakfast and ice cream for lunch get the gist. CHOCOLATE, LAS OF CHOCOLATE!!!Gender? It's a girl!!! I wanted to do some type of really cool gender announcement and maybe I figured one out by the time this goes up but guh, gender announcements are not my cup of tea. It's a whole lotta cheese and effort and keeping it to ourselves has felt really good.What I'm looking forward to? Whenever we have really sweet family moments with Joc I just think about how much sweeter they will be as our family grows. The idea of two sisters that are bff's and just the thought of watching them grow together has me all sorts of excited. I know, rose colored glasses much:)


  1. We are literally like due date twins! I hit my 26th week on Wed. Also my second and will have 2 of the same gender as well but they are boys. Small world! :-)

  2. Wow! Congrats Sarah! So happy for you!