May 16, 2016

Shame Shame Tsk Tsk

dress: Asos          shoes: Old Navy          hat: BP Nordstrom

Today on the way to church Matt found an unopened Snickers bar sitting on the ground in a parking lot and we looked at each other like, "Defining moment. Are we the kind of people that eat unwrapped things off the ground?" I know, this shouldn't be a dilemma one has! We should be normal people that eat food off of plates always and forever. We should brush our teeth twice a day and eat our vitamins. This revelation that I could be tempted by food on the ground shook me to my core people. We stopped for a second, glanced down at the ground and then back at each other and kept walking. And then all nonchalantly as we stepped into the church building Matt asks, "Should I check and see if that Snickers is edible?" He knew my internal struggle guys. And that is why he is the love of my life and the man that came triumphantly running back from the parking lot waving the Snickers bar like the dang Olympic torch. Fyi, post church Snickers are an amazing long as you tell NO ONE that you act like a nasty 12 year old child.


  1. Ok you two are hilarious!!!!!!! I feel like I would have the exact same struggle!!!! ;) Girl you are want hot mama!!!

    1. And that girl is why you get me!!

  2. hahahaha that is hilarious!!! It is totally acceptable.

  3. Um, in LOVE with this dress. Also, I would have probably taken the Snickers, too.

  4. I completely understand that struggle! There have been times where I see food left on a plate by someone else (not the half eaten stuff, but an untouched salad or half a sandwich cut in half) and I think to myself, "How terrible would it be if I ate that" but luckily I haven't given in, most likely due to the public shame and horror that would ensue!