May 18, 2016

Sisters Sisters

That's right. There will be two little sisters trompin' around the house come August. It's a girl! I have to say that I think both Matt and I were hoping it was a girl and so we felt like we had to find out the babies gender. There was a split second where I thought about not finding out but that lasted well...for a split second. I'm one of four sisters and a brother and I have to tell you I always felt like my siblings were perfect, I know I know everyone thinks that about their own family. But we had this big protector older brother that always watched out for us and then four insane girls. Oh the never ending barbie plots, playing pretty princess with the door closed in the bathroom because we couldn't stop giggling (that game BETTER still be around) and never ending hair and makeup sessions. There is just something special and so sweet about the sister bond.


  1. Yay, congrats! I can't figure out if I want a boy more or a girl more for our second time around!

  2. I love this picture of Jocey!! She is so adorable!! Yeah, we do have a pretty good family! I love when we all get together and that we all like spending time with each other. You are a great mom, Sarah!! You will be just fine and have enough love to go around!! Trust me.... I know....: ) Love ya!

  3. These photos are too cute! Congrats on having a girl. Can't wait to see who this one looks like. :)