Jun 13, 2016

Good As New

dress: Thistle and Finn (here)

This weekend Matt and I went on a real life proper date. We got a babysitter, I changed out of my leggings (whoa I know) and Matt found a nice restaurant for us to go to ahead of time. Let's be honest, our dates usually consist of hey someone volunteered to babysit for a half hour let's run, like right now, 7-11 for an ice cream bar? That sounds amazing! You guys it's depressing. Anyways, back to the romance. So we ate at this amazing place that wasn't a total dive, walked along the beach at sunset, I mean we literally skipped rocks, who has time for that??? and guys we like remembered why we liked each other!

Going out made me realize that it's so freaking easy to get wrapped up in letting everything be about your children/work. This happened at the doctors today, I'm working on this project at work, she misbehaved and you should talk to her about this, why won't she eat dinner, I'll be working late tomorrow night, tell her she can't sass me back like that. 

I don't know if it's a problem for all parents/married couples but for us Jocelyn and this babe on the way are our world and forgetting that for a night and making each other laugh until we peed just made me feel so at home and content. Like we've both had all that we needed I were just choosing not to see it because motherhood can be so all consuming for me and work can be all consuming for Matt. 

Anyways, it was nice. I just wanted to remind you that whatever situation your in you should take some time for yourself and your loved one. Forget about whatever is always pressing on you and do something that will make you feel giggly. You'll feel good as new:)


  1. You look fantastic! Would you mind doing a hair tutorial for this look. I love the cut and style and wouldn't mind it for myself!

  2. Hi, your dress is so pretty and I need your help. I just went through the temple a few weeks ago and ALL OF MY FAVORITE SHIRTS HAVE BETRAYED ME. Like seriously! Alllllll the necks are too wide and show my G's. Help a sista out. How are you wearing that dress. Do you wear square necks? Am I wearing the wrong size? I don't know what to doooo haha!

  3. GIRL! This dress and this color <3

  4. New reader.. I subscribed a while back but finally able to sit and enjoy a post. You look lovely. Can't wait to read more.

  5. Sarah, that color on you is fabulous!! Your dress is so pretty, I love it. I'm glad you and Matt got a chance to get out and be by yourself. Jocelyn is wonderful and such a blessing, but you have to make time to be a couple. You are so smart..... Keep up the good work and keep up the posts!!!please...... : )