Jul 24, 2016

Life Lately: 4th of July

It was the weirdest thing moving out here in February and then not having my family be a part of my every day life. We've always been so close, and I talk on the phone with my sisters almost every day so when I moved out here and would tell them what was new and places we were exploring I just wanted them to ACTUALLY see it and experience. I feel like I've fallen in love with Washington and dangit they had to too! So having almost everyone in my family out here this summer has been so fun. Joc is on a constant family high and man I do not want to be around when she comes down from that. But for now we're just enjoying each day we have with them....and silently praying they decide to move here one day.

These pictures are from the 4th of July...I know I'm the slowest. But right after this life got real crazy, which I promise I'll go more into this week, I just want to tell the story right. Anyways, so yes, 4th of July was a blast, we played hard and I talked with Joc all day about the fireworks and she was so excited and then by the end of the night when it was actually time for fireworks and she heard and saw them this look of terror completely covered her face and she grabbed my face with both hands and brought it close to mine and yelled, "DO YOU HEAR THAT SOUND???" I laughed hysterically for a good five minutes, but hey, it must be pretty terrifying to see them and she was just making sure here mama bear knew what was up.


  1. Looks like a fun day! And being a fellow Washingtonian I love it here! The weather is beautiful and so are all the surroundings. Tons of nature everywhere you look! And you look just fabulous by the way!


  2. Cute outfit! Is that a maternity skirt or a dress with a shirt over it?