Sep 29, 2016

This Postpartum Body of Mine

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I realized really quickly that even though I worked ridiculously hard to stay fit during my pregnancy with June that the weight was going to come off very differently the second time around. I gained less weight than I did in my first pregnancy but somehow weigh more after my second pregnancy. It makes no sense dangit! This is motherhood you guys. Surrendering control of the things you just don't have control over and finding beauty in the things that you can't predict. Well this time around I'm determined to accept it and handle it with a little bit more self love. Last time after I had June I was so ashamed to blog any pictures of myself which is ridiculous. It's ridiculous! So even though right now I'm the biggest I've been postpartum I just want to rock it you know. I just want to be me unapologetically so that other woman out there know that there are women that don't go from the hospital bed to their bikinis. So hi! I'm here! I'll be here! And my shirt will probably have a spit up stain on it!

I heard something that really resonated with me. That during our pregnancy we spend all of this time talking to our bodies. We are grateful for them, we rub our growing belly, we talk to our babies and spend time in awe over what our body is doing and then bam, the second that baby is out we shut out thoughts about our bodies and are ashamed of it. It's so true, too true. So now I'm commited to waking up every morning and just saying a simple thank you.

Last go around I also didn't want to buy many bigger clothes because somehow in my twisted brain I thought it would give me more motivation if all of my clothes didn't fit me. Women are weird. Well guess what, it just made me feel like crap. So this time around I'm finding momiforms that I feel cozy but put together in.

This one has been on repeat so I thought I'd share it.

Guys it might as well be pajamas. These leggings feel like butter and suck all the things in. This tunic I actually found in the maternity section (ha ha no after I'm not pregnant I'm finally shopping in the maternity section!!) I just sized up so that it would be extra loose and long, I love that it covers my bum and isn't your typical button up! And the jacket is a nice worn in vintage feel that has some give. Thank the heavens it's fall so it's totally socially acceptable to be in leggings and soft things, because well, that is my forseeable future. Mom life yo.


  1. I LOVE this Sarah! I was the most confident I have ever been when I was pregnant! I could literally gains 100 pound during my pregnancy and still loved how I looked. It's the postpartum body that really plays with my confidence! I always had a figure and for almost an entire year after having my son, my waist was non existent. It's hard when we are being bombarded with women on social media that look like popped a baby out and somehow still have abs. I remember seeing this one post of recent mommy who had just given birth 8 weeks previous. She was wearing a sports bra and her body looked better than mine ever did before being pregnant. She was going on and on and ON about how she has such a long way to go until she gets her body back, and she wants people to hold her accountable and check up on her so she can stay motivated. All this to say that no matter what size or weight you are, all women go through the exact same thing after having a baby! I love what you said about being grateful for our bodies during pregnancy and then just hating them after we give birth. I mean you just did an amazing thing, bring a child into this world! We should really be giving ourselves a break!Our bodies are pretty dang incredible when you think about it! Anyway you are beautiful and I love you! :)

  2. I love EVERYTHING about this post. Yes to self love! Yes to being kind and accepting of our awesome bodies that grow humans. Yes to loving reality and buying cute clothes for our bodies! Just YES. Thanks for sharing!! You are awesome!! And I love the cute outfit. :)

  3. Needed this today, thank you for bringing some honesty up in here! (Here meaning the world of social media where it sometimes feels like no one wants to be vulnerable or real). You look so great!

  4. AMEN! I had my first baby 4 months ago, and I feel like postpartum bodies are the final frontier of body acceptance. After everything our bodies have been through you'd think we'd cut ourselves a little slack and show ourselves the love we need, but we don't do it. There's nothing wrong with a postpartum body, it's just different from what we're used to!

    I love this look on you by the way. You look fantastic!

  5. You are the cutest!!! Love this!!! I am almost two years out and a little ashamed that I haven't given my body more love afterwards as well. Excuse me while I go find myself some leggings.♡