Oct 10, 2016

The ULTIMATE momiform

leggings (regular here) (plus sized here)  shoes   jacket(similar)    top

When Monday hits you hard and you have to get out of the house but you are still in your leggings THIS my friends is the outfit to go to and the one that I wear ohhhhhhh a strong 3 out of 5 of my weekdays. I know, ashamed monkey emoticon. I'm telling you though guys, it will change your life. It hides your greasy hair, allows you to wear your jammies out and this t shirt is long enough to cover the bum and will make you regret that you didn't buy three (because well I only bought two). Also these leggings are high waisted, suck all the things in and feel like BUTTER. It is the ultimate momiform so I had to show you. Now I'm going to go wash my hair, or at least think about washing my hair while I watch some Netflix. Byyyeeeeee.

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