Nov 2, 2016

Is Lipsense Worth the Hype? Demo + Review

I gave Lipsense the good 'ole college try and am sharing with you all of the pros and cons after trying it out for three weeks.

Below are the links mentioned in the video!

I can help you find a color and order, all you have to do is comment on either The Lip Lass Facebook Group or @theliplass on Instagram and we can chat:) The links are below!

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  1. awesome video, thanks for the demonstration! I have some but wasn't impressed because I wasn't applying it correctly, so this was SUPER helpful, thank you !

  2. This sounds really interesting and the color looks great on you.

    What's the removal process like? I know you mentioned the third product in the kit being a remover. Say you happened to forget the special removal one day; would you be able to get it off with a really good makeup remover?

    1. Yeah you can use oil based removers, I like coconut oil because my skin is sensitive. Removal is super easy. You apply it like a lip gloss and then just wipe it off with Kleenex or a wash cloth.

  3. I am so interested in this lipsense! It's just the initial investment of it is a chunk to swallow. I'll have to save up to try this! I know once I do I'm sure I'll love it and I'll want to buy them all!