Jul 21, 2017

2017 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites!

I shop the Nordstrom sale every.single.season. I used to pride myself in searching high and low at all the stores, but crap, Nordstrom just gets it right. They know how to do trend pieces, they have such good classic staples (ie the leggings and t shirts I live in) and slowly but surely my wardrobe has become mostly Nordstrom pieces. If you haven't shopped a Nordstrom Sale yet. YOU MUST. If that's the only thing you take away from this post it's that YOU MUST. It's like a reverse sale, instead of getting things on sale at the very end of the season, they put all of their brand new styles on sale BEFORE the season. I KNOW. So instead of waiting a year to wear the beloved piece you found on sale and then crossed your fingers that it would still be trending the next season, you can just get it on sale before the season begins. It's the best. Here are my top pics for the sale this year. Happy shopping! My wallet is crying but my closet is just a bunch of those praise hand emojis right now. Also I'm so not sponsored in any way by Nordstrom (I FREAKING WISH!)