Sep 17, 2017

The Perfect Kids Halloween Costume Solution

Each and every year I spend countless hours finding the perfect costumes for the fam ad then womp womp, our kids end up with their costumes completely covered up by their coats while they trick or treat. Because duh, it's night time and fall so hello yes they are cold. always. they are always cold. Why as a mother have I not learned this lesson yet?

Well this year you guys, I HAVE BEAT THE SYSTEM.

I found this amazing company called, Little Goodall that makes coats in a ton of different animals. And they are the most adorable thing ever. I gasped when I saw them you guys, I'm talking unicorn coats, fantastic fox, lions, donkeys.

So here's the thing. They are a bit pricey, but guess what, once you buy this as a costume it doubles as their winter coat, and it is an amazing coat, like the heirloom coat you'll save so they can have it for their children, it is just so beautifully made. On the outside it's this adorable felted material, it's fully lined with this amazing lush fur blanket like fabric and seriously so warm. She is obsessed with it, I'm obsessed with it and literally every time she wears it we can't get anywhere because people keep stopping us and asking where it's from. I die you guys. I die. 

Anyways I just wanted to let you in on this amazing find if you are looking for a costume for your little one this fall and you'll be buying them a winter coat too. Also, if you do get one, if you sign up for their email list you'll get 10% off your purchase so yes, save yourself a few bucks! 

Happy costume shopping! I'll be in a sweater all week even if our weather is still in the 80's, by sheer will I WILL bring fall upon us!

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