This is Sarah, not the now Sarah. You know the one in the past. It's not like she's an adult trapped in a child's body or anything. She's really just a baby in this picture.
Sarah's just a goofy kid. Who refuses to play with anyone but her sisters, and the occasional puppy.
Skip a few careless years. 
 Sarah went to college and she felt like the tinniest of all goldfishes in the biggest of oceans. But she learned to love it, love her new independent self...just VERY SLOWLY. And eventually just spent her nights doing ridiculous things and loving life.
Enter Sir Matt
 This is Sir Matt, the hottest boy in all the land.
 Sarah had a much different feeling about this boy. He was nothing like the boys she refused to commit to or got sick from thinking about anything serious. She'd never gotten butterflies like this or irrational thoughts this much before. They talked almost every night until four in the morning for months, they dated and the night on the tire swing at the river she knew she was in for a wild ride.
Sir Matt proposed. It was the craziest, most heart throbbing, giggliest day of Sarah's life.
They married and it was just as blissful and perfect as everyone said it would be.
 Sir Matt and Sarah are just as happy as ever. Living the poor married college student life that may not be so glamorous to some, but is just perfect for their brand new beginning.

 Oh and did I mention Sarah loves clothes. Yeah she loves them. A lot.